Simply DIVINE!

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I can hardly find the words to describe the recent spread featured in the scandalous FHM magazine (June 2014). It’s probably one that’s considered unprecedented even for the publication itself.

The most recent and should I dare say unconventional model of FHM Philippines, is none other than the stunningly beautiful Divine Maitland-Smith. Unconventional because unlike most (if not all) models in the aforementioned men’s mag, Divine is proudly gay! But hold on to your seats because she’s giving every single one of the other sexy models (past and present) a run for their money!

In the said feature, FHM describes Divine as “the textbook definition of a hot lesbian.” I agree 1000% !!! Take a looksie at some of her choice photos and you will absolutely be amazed. She’s HOT! She’s sexy! She’s simply…DIVINE!

Photo credits: FHM Magazine June 2014 issue. Grab your copy NOW!!!





Born into privilege yet raised to be humble and down-to-earth—such a gem of a person is a rarity. Her name just happens to be Divine.

Divine Maitland-Smith or “Viney” to her close circle of friends, is a budding young artist whose canvass is as large and colorful as life. Outside of her circle, more people came to know Divine when she joined a reality show of sorts, where she gained the love and respect of thousands, not just for her charm and beauty, but for her spunk and larger than life attitude.

Divine proudly embraces her artistic ability—from pen-and-paper sketches, to her tattooed art. Her most recent artistic venture came as a pleasant surprise to her loyal followers, when a couple of months ago she posted on her Instagram account a photo of summer essentials (sunglasses and flipflops) with what appeared to be a script—to which she aptly captioned “Learning my lines.” Much to the delight of her fans, Divine was indeed cast for a film short based on the journals of an accomplished artist herself, Ces Ochoa. Divine didn’t just land a small role in the film…she got the lead part!

No Reach Speak” (Hindi Maabot Sabi) is one that chronicles the life, struggles and triumphs of Sasha Samala (played by Divine). Interestingly, the protagonist’s life holds both similar and ironic parallels to that of its actor. On the one hand, Sasha and Divine both love water sports and art; not to mention their mutually “conflicting sexuality.” On the other hand, while Sasha’s childhood was a sad one—marred by poverty and abuse, Divine’s was the exact opposite. Yet, despite unfamiliar ground, Divine pushes herself to portray her role. Whether or not her portrayal does give justice to Sasha’s story, is anyone’s guess. No Reach Speak is due for limited viewing in the United States sometime later this year. A full trailer can be viewed on Youtube (click here).

An artist will always be an artist, no matter what the medium. But to see a different side of this young lady’s artistry captured in 8mm film will definitely be a DIVINE revelation to many.

Screencaps from the teaser (video credits to YouTuber “Charlie Heebner”) below:



The addiction is REAL!

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I’ve always seen myself as a level-headed individual (although those who really know me would beg to differ), and I never thought I could be addicted to anything. Fads come and go. Interests constantly change… And then there was Yogurtland.

I’ve been to quite a few froyo joints, but this one’s by far the best one for me. The place is amazingly clean, despite the huge number of clients that constantly streamline through its doors from 11AM to 11PM (12MN on weekends). The staff are attentive, and then there’s the froyo… Twenty different flavors at any given time, perfect consistency, and the taste is ridiculously good! A myriad of amazingly fresh fruits and toppings that could “wow” even the most picky eaters: kiwi, strawberry, watermelon, mango, blueberry, blackberry, cantaloupe, honeydew, raspberry, banana, mango and strawberry flavor pearl bursts, Reese’s bites, mini Kisses, mini Reese’s cups, mini M&M’s, an assortment of gummies, cereals, nuts, mini brownie bites (regular, dark and blondies), chocolate wafer straws, candy sprinkles, mini cookies, Ghirardelli chocolate/caramel/strawberry syrups, whipped cream… I could just go on and on!

I tried quite a bit of combos, but my go to is just delish: French vanilla and fresh strawberry froyo, topped with a spoonful or two each of mango and strawberry flavor pearl bursts, kiwi, strawberry and cantaloupe, 2 choco wafer straws and 2 or 3 brownie bites. It may sound massive, but it tastes so darn good that I devour the whole thing in record time… And sometimes I get me some more… And I get one (or two) everyday… Sometimes another stop late at night. I know, I know… I’m a pig. But hey, if the pigout involves these kinda goodies then hell yeah!!!

I never once thought I could be an addict… but the addiction is definitely real. I am a Yogurtland froyo addict. No rehab necessary.